Einride and Polar Structure announce major investment in charging infrastructure

Einride and Polar Structure announce a significant investment in charging infrastructure for heavy-duty electric transport. Polar Structure will provide Einride with the infrastructure for its Einride Stations, starting in Sweden in 2023 and expanding globally through the next three years.

“A strategic charging station network is required to help our customers transition to digital and electric transport, with lower costs and CO2 emissions. Our charging infrastructure model will enable us to deliver our services in greater volume and at a faster pace. We are happy to be able to make this significant investment together with Polar Structure, given their extensive knowledge in both infrastructure and financing,” said Christofer Laurell, Senior Vice President, Research & Public Affairs at Einride.

The first station will open during Q1 in Rosersberg, north of Stockholm, and will service Einride customers, including Apotea, Bring, and Lidl. Upcoming stations will open in Hallsberg, Markaryd, and Ljungby throughout 2023. Once the infrastructure is complete, Sweden will be the first country to have a fully electrified transport network between ports, railways, and industrial cities. The expansion of Einride Stations combines Einride’s ability to design, develop and operate charging infrastructure for electric and autonomous vehicles with Polar Structure’s knowledge in infrastructure solutions and financing.

“Electrification is a historic opportunity to build sustainable infrastructure and reduce emissions. In this process, Swedish municipalities will also get the chance to take an active role in the new transport system and benefit from the new infrastructure. The team at Polar Structure is happy to be able to contribute with our expertise in developing and financing infrastructure, said Tobias Emanuelsson, CEO of Polar Structure.

The first wave of locations will take place in Sweden, with plans to implement the same model in other markets and regions. The sites of the charging stations have been strategically selected based on analysis of large amounts of transport data through Einride’s intelligent mobility platform, Einride Saga, to forecast future capacity needs.

“Smart charging stations, connected electric vehicles, and Einride Saga will be the foundation for the future transport system, where we’ll achieve great capacity at a lower cost. Einride Saga is the brain that makes this possible, with autonomous transport on specific routes and the transport network at large. Einride Stations are an essential step towards fully autonomous transportation, says Christofer Laurell.

Einride has several clients with charging capacity needs within the scope of the expansion. All sites and equipment will be designed and approved by Einride by leveraging its strong network of partners within charging and infrastructure. As part of the partnership, Polar Structure is one of Einride’s new investors from the Series C round announced in December 2022.

About Einride

Einride designs, develops, and deploys technologies for freight mobility. By building grids powered by a first-of-its-kind ecosystemthe intelligent platform Einride Saga, electric and autonomous fleets, charging infrastructure, and connectivity networksa resilient, cost-effective shipping future is unlocked. Founded in 2016, Einride became the first company in the world to deploy an autonomous, electric vehicle on a public road in 2019 and became the first company to receive approval to operate the vehicle on a U.S. public road in 2022. For more information, please visit einride.tech

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