Creating impact through new solutions, connectivity and measurability

Our purpose is to enable the transition to a more sustainable society

We want to be part of shaping the sustainable infra of tomorrow, and we have an opportunity – and responsibility – as investors and founders of new companies. We see ourselves as a transition enabler, looking for transformative business opportunities where we can create positive and sustainable impact at scale. However, our investments must not only target leading impact companies, we also see an equal need of investments into assets that need to transition and that could benefit from the overall Polar Structure ecosystem. Our focus will be on enabling the transition through our ecosystem and to drive impact through connectivity and measurability. Read more about our sustainability ambition, and how it is centered around three pillars below.

We are proud members of UN Global Compact.

Our sustainability ambition

Our sustainability ambition is built on three pillars.

Accelerate the green transition towards net zero infra assets

The infrastructure sector is one of the largest emitters of CO2 in the world. Our ambition is to support the transition of the industry to a low-carbon economy. This will require innovation, large shifts in capital allocation and new forms of collaboration between sectors and peers in the industry.

Buidling on this ambition, we have increased our investments in companies that offer solutions in cutting CO2 emissions within infrastructure and construction. A solid example of this is our investment in Cemvision.

Polar Structure have also become part of The Net Zero Built Environment Council – a global forum founded by McKinsey aiming to decarbonize the built world.


Drive best-in-class resource efficient assets through leading connectivity and measurability

The infrastructure sector has historically had a very low level of digitalization. We believe this needs to change and we see connectivity and measurability as key in achieving net zero infra assets.

Polar Structure has built a strong position within LoRaWAN and IoT through European Connectivity Networks. We will use this platform to connect our assets to increase resource efficiency and drive sustainable impact.


Build the most safe and modern community and workplace for a better tomorrow

We want to be part of shaping a more diverse and equal tomorrow and recognize our responsibility throughout the value chain. We have developed policies which outline our values and commitment to sustainability and that set the minimum requirements for all Polar Structure founded companies and its suppliers.

We have a “zero vision” for work related injuries and we work continuously together with our business partners to achieve this goal. As a part of this work, we have introduced a strenghtened and anonymized thrid-party whistleblower function (more information below).




Polar Structure is committed to the highest possible standards of openness, honesty and accountability. In line with this commitment, we expect all employees, as well as relevant third parties who deal with Polar Structure, to come forward and voice all serious concerns about any aspect of Polar Structure’s work.

Read more how to file a report through our external whistleblowing service CRD.

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Our policies

The policies below set out Polar Structure’s values and commitments to sustainability. All companies founded by Polar Structure are required to adopt the policies.

Sustainable investment policy

Code of Conduct for Business Partners

Code of Conduct for Employees

The Polar Structure Initiative Foundation

The Polar Structure Initiative Foundation contributes to the society and the infrastructure sector beyond what Polar Structure can do as a commercial company. The foundation identifies and financially supports initiatives that address challenges within the infrastructure sector. Polar Structure donates 3-5% of its annual revenues to the foundation.

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