Infrastructure that matters

What matters to you and the society matters to us at Polar Structure. We develop and own infrastructure that enables a more resilient and sustainable society. It is in our DNA to be an innovative, responsible and long-term infrastructure partner.
A transition enabler here to stay. That matters.

A responsible and long-term

transition partner

Major investments are needed to upgrade our infrastructure to meet the needs of tomorrow. Polar Structure offers municipalities, governments and the private sector a way to develop, operate and finance required investments in infrastructure.

We call it Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

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A holistic investment approach

We have a holistic investment approach where we select investments based on how they add value to the overall Polar Structure ecosystem. By addressing various industry challenges, such as the underinvestment in the efficiency and maintenance of the railway, or the effect and distribution issue in the energy grid, we are able to create change on many levels.

Accelerating the green transition towards net-zero infra assets

We want to lead the way in transitioning the infrastructure sector to a low-carbon economy. This requires a deep understanding of the GHG emissions throughout the value chains, and a structured and dedicated approach to emissions reductions. Read more about our sustainability ambition and how we leverage our position within digital solutions to drive sustainable impact across our portfolio.

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We donate part of our annual profit to the Polar Structure Initiative Foundation

The Polar Structure Initiative Foundation contributes to the society and the infrastructure sector beyond what Polar Structure can do as a commercial company. The foundation identifies and financially supports initiatives that address challenges within the infrastructure sector.

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Polar Structure AB and Train Alliance Sweden AB (Publ) form a joint land company

Polar Structure AB and Train Alliance Sweden AB (Publ) form a joint land company, Polar Land AB, and initiates a strategic cooperation within the fram…

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ADS-TEC Energy GmbH Enters into Joint Venture with Polar Structure AB

Nürtingen, Germany, and Stockholm, Sweden – October 25, 2021 – ADS-TEC Energy GmbH (“ADS-TEC Energy” or “the Company”), a global leader in battery-buf…

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New energy collaboration bingo for property owners

Enequi and Save by Solar start a new collaboration on production, energy storage and control of electricity in properties. Both companies will improve…

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