Infrastructure that matters

What matters to you and the society matters to us at Polar Structure. We develop and own infrastructure that enables a more resilient and sustainable society. It is in our DNA to be an innovative, responsible and long-term infrastructure partner.
A transition enabler here to stay. That matters.

A responsible and long-term

transition partner

Significant investments are needed to upgrade our infrastructure to meet the needs of tomorrow. Approximately 50% of the necessary assets required to make our cities and communities climate neutral are infrastructure-related. Polar Structure offers municipalities, governments, and the private sector a way to develop, manage, and finance necessary investments to accelerate this transition.

Polar Structure invests holistically to contribute to transforming cities and communities – such as infrastructure from ports to end customers or connected cities – to make them sustainable and more efficient. We take the initiative to develop new infrastructure assets through partnerships with both private and public stakeholders. Polar Structure contributes with know-how, competence, and capital. We call it “Infrastructure-as-a-service.”

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A holistic investment approach

Our holistic investment approach means we select investments based on how they add value and potential to enable the transition to a sustainable society. Our focus areas are sustainable transport, green energy, and digital solutions, and within these, we enable the transformation of ports, railways, logistics, land, charging infrastructure, energy, and digital solutions.

By addressing various challenges in infrastructure, such as the lack of maintenance of the railway system or the power and distribution problems in the electricity grid, we enable a sustainable transformation of society.

We are founders and majority owners of new companies that develop and own resilient and sustainable infrastructure. We also invest in deep technology companies with a business and know-how that can help accelerate infrastructure development. We have a responsible and evergreen ownership structure that enables the transition for both the private and the public sectors.

Investment areas

• Train depots and railway yards
• Railroad switches
• Logistics development
• Combination terminals
• Transport hubs
• Ports

Sustainable transport

We invest holistically to contribute to transforming significant transport flows in society – from ports to end customers – to make these sustainable and more efficient. In addition, we initiate developing new infrastructure assets through partnerships with both private and public stakeholders. Polar Structure contributes with know-how competence and capital in several parts of the value chain.

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Investment areas

  • Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles
  • Energy storage system
  • Renewable energy (e.g. solar energy)
  • District heating and cooling
  • Energy management system

Green energy

Energy is one of the sectors that have contributed the most to the increased emissions of greenhouse gases in Europe. As such, it is also one of the sectors with the most significant potential to reduce emissions. For this to happen, a continued expansion of green electricity production, the development of charging infrastructure for electric cars, and a reinforced transmission system with smart electricity grids and energy storage systems are needed.

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Investment areas

• LoRaWAN network across Europe
• Real estate network
• Open Access 5G
• Fiber

Digital solutions

Digitization and connectivity play a decisive role in enabling a green transition in society. The underlying infrastructure is today, consequently, one of the highest prioritized areas within the EU, where we work to develop modern, sustainable, and connected infrastructure assets, such as water systems and real estate.

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Accelerating the green transition towards net-zero infra assets

We want to lead the way in transitioning the infrastructure sector to a low-carbon economy. This requires a deep understanding of the GHG emissions throughout the value chains and a structured and dedicated approach to emissions reductions. Read more about our sustainability ambition and how we leverage our position within digital solutions to drive sustainable impact across our portfolio.

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We donate part of our annual profit to the Polar Structure Initiative Foundation

The Polar Structure Initiative Foundation contributes to society and the infrastructure sector beyond what Polar Structure can do as a commercial entity. The foundation identifies and financially supports initiatives that address challenges within the infrastructure sector. The foundation supports research, education, and innovation in infrastructure based on the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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