REPUBLISHED: Netmore launches LoRaWAN rollout in Denmark

REPUBLISHED: Netmore’s network company European Connectivity Networks, coowned with Polar Structure, begins its LoRaWAN deployment in Denmark. The aim is to offer nationwide coverage, and in parallel with the network roll-out, commercial processing of the Danish market for water, gas and district heating companies is taking place. The Danish LoRaWAN network will then become part of Netmore’s growing European LoRaWAN, which is now offered in Sweden, the UK, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands and Denmark.

Nationwide LoRaWAN in Denmark
Netmore, together with the jointly owned network company European Connectivity Networks and Polar Structure, will immediately begin the roll-out of LoRaWAN in Denmark. The network is being built together with property owners and other strategic partners of Netmore and ECN. The aim is to provide nationwide coverage, thereby enabling the deployment of largescale socially beneficial and innovative IoT projects in the Danish market. The move towards nationwide networks is based on a proven strategy that has been implemented in Sweden and elsewhere. From today, coverage will be offered in Copenhagen, Odense, Århus, Kolding, Vejle, Varde and Silkeborg, among others.

Smart metering of water, gas and district heating in focus
In parallel with the network roll-out in Denmark, Netmore is launching a commercial venture into the Danish connected meter market. The initial focus is primarily on water, gas and district heating utilities, which are areas with a demand for LoRaWAN connectivity. Furthermore, Netmore’s existing customers and partners in the Swedish market have shown an interest in using the Danish network, which, together with the investment in above-mentioned areas creates the conditions for both sensor growth and growing monthly recurring revenues over time.

Netmore – a European LoRaWAN operator
Netmore and ECN have initiated a major expansion of LoRaWAN in Europe in 2022. It now offers LoRaWAN in Sweden, the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain and Denmark. In addition, there are roaming agreements that provide coverage also in Finland. The network deployment, combined with Netmore’s European ‘coverage guarantee’ and ‘coverage on demand’ enables the deployment of nationwide IoT projects within each country. Furthermore, Netmore, ECN and Polar Structure are also opening doors for large-scale IoT of societal benefit spanning several countries in Europe.

— Netmore Group is a leading IoT operator. We connect buildings, offer private and open 5G networks, and enable large-scale IoT through LoRaWAN. Together with property owners, IoT service providers and other partners, we build secure, reliable and open IoT ecosystems that enable digitalisation across sectors and industries in all geographic markets. Netmore Group was founded in 2010 in Sweden and has been listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market since 2017. Redeye AB is the company’s certified adviser. +46 (0)8 121 576 90

— Polar Structure develops and owns infrastructure that contributes to a more sustainable society. We enable the transition, today and tomorrow. Polar Structure has a clear holistic perspective in the context of infrastructure and sustainability and is active in rail, logistics, battery storage and charging infrastructure, digitalisation and renewable energy. More information about Polar Structure is available at

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