Driving the green and digital transition in the energy sector “as-a-service”

Polar Energy Solutions drives the green and digital transition in the energy sector focusing on long-term ownership of energy related infrastructure assets.

We see rising issues with the Swedish energy grid today with large effect deficits and bottlenecks in distribution. Today, we have a net excess of electricity in Sweden that we export. At the same time, we have large effect deficits at certain times of the day and the distribution network has become a big issue and a constraint to future GDP growth. As a result, a new decentralized energy network is emerging as a complement to the grid. This means moving away from a centralized energy grid system to a more decentralized renewable energy system with local production and different storage solutions such as batteries. These alternative solutions are needed to ensure reliability going forward.

Polar Energy Solutions is a company founded by Polar Structure that drives the green and digital transition in the energy sector “As-a-Service”.

Areas of investment

Renewable energy sources

  • Wind
  • Sun
  • Geothermal
  • Wavepower
  • etc.

Energy storage

  • Batteries
  • Hydrogen
  • Thermal
  • etc.


  • Battery buffered DC-charging
  • AC-charging

Energy optimization & frequency control

  • AI/ML
  • Software
  • Innovative technologies
  • etc.

Partners in each subsector

With clear synergies and roles in the offering


A green bundle under Polar Energy Solutions

Incentives for Real estate owners

  • Green profile
  • Cheaper financing
  • New revenue opportunities
  • Increased portfolio valuations

Incentives for Tenants

  • Green profile
  • Cheaper financing
  • Stable cost-neutral electricity price over time (PPA)
  • Increased comfort / efficiency


Karim Sahibzada


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