We facilitate investments in infrastructure that promotes innovation, society and the environment

Polar Structure is a platform for managing infrastructure-related assets, both as a majority and minority shareholder. We bring together expertise and capital to develop smart solutions focused on long-sightedness and sustainability. Our deep involvement in the establishment of the ecosystem allows us , we can create a culture that places high demands on business ethics and accountability right from the start. This enables us to generate stable and predictable returns and at the same time contribute to the transition to a more sustainable society.

Besides owning companies, we also invest in smaller innovative enterprises that can contribute to Polar Structure’s platform as a whole. Partners include public and private sector companies.

Municipalities, regions & countries

  • Polar Structure aims to be the number one choice for long-term infrastructure-related investments
  • We offer flexible partnership models
  • We guarantee sustainable infrastructure with short lead times from idea to execution

Why partner with Polar Structure?

  • Free up liquidity for other investments
  • Team up with a long-sighted, dependable partner focused on sustainability and innovation
  • Focus capital on core operations
  • Join forces with a decisive growth partner
  • Access a broad network of suppliers
  • Allows all partners involved to focus at their own area of expertise.

Operational infrastructure

  • We drive operational expansion through dynamic collaboration
  • We offer dependable, long-sighted designed to weather economic downturns
  • We have a vast network capitalizing on innovation and enterprise

Why partner with Polar Structure?

  • Focus capital on core operations
  • Join forces with a decisive growth partner
  • Access a broad network of suppliers


  • We disrupt traditional business models by implementing ESG guidelines
  • Apply technological inventions on order to facilitate efficiency and measurability
  • We enable investments in socially responsible infrastructure
  • We donate part of our annual profits to a foundation for social infrastructure development. Read more about The Polar Structure Initiative Foundation here