Together, we’re developing the infrastructure of the future.

Operating companies

Nordic Rail Estate owns and develops modern train maintenance facilities in strategic locations and build tomorrow’s train depots.

Nordic Distribution Centers develops and manages modern logistics facilities in close proximity to Polar Structure’s other infrastructure assets.


Intelligent Solutions invests in smart technology for tomorrow including IoT and 5G networks.

Polar Land owns strategically-located properties and offers ready-to-build land for developing infrastructure assets.

Polar Ventures invests in and partners with innovative companies with sustainable strategies. Read more about the companies Polar Venture invests in below.

Train Alliance

Train Alliance designs and manages complete railway facilities in strategic locations with the vision to  maximize all rolling stock.


Enequi is a Swedish developer and supplier of smart solutions for energy storage, electrical installation, metering and industrial automation.

Save by Solar

Save by Solar wants to change the way companies use energy so that together we can drive development into a renewable world. Save by Solar creates simple, profitable and secure solutions for producing and consuming renewable energy.


Polar Energy enables the transition towards a green energy system. Examples of investments include solar systems, battery solutions, EV-charging and smart grid software.

The Polar Structure Initiative Foundation donates a share of Polar Structure’s annual profits to society. Read more about the Polar Structure Foundation Here. 

Areas of investment

Areas of operation (directly owned/partnerships)


  • Train depots
  • Railway areas
  • Switches
  • Other rail-related areas


  • Solar farms
  • Wind farms
  • Electricity distribution
  • District heating & cooling
  • Renewable energy

Water & waste management

  • Water treatment plants
  • Pipeline projects
  • Waste management
  • Gas plants
  • Ballast management


  • Combination terminals
  • Ports
  • Electrification
  • Innovative solutions


  • Logistics development
  • Transport hubs
  • Road networks

Digital solutions

  • Data halls
  • Battery solutions
  • Fiber
  • Physical networks


  • Strategic & developable land

Associated companies (partly owned)

Companies & innovation

  • Companies with a clear focus on innovation and sustainability
  • Grassroots investments
  • Research projects